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Change your body composition, increase your energy, build strength, improve your athletic performance.

At Empower we know that nutrition is just as important as exercise!

To get best results you need to pair your workouts with a solid nutrition plan designed around your lifestyle.

That’s why we offer 1:1 nutrition coaching to help you design a customized plan for you that fits your lifestyle and produces lasting change.

Our nutrition coach will use body composition data from our InBody scanner to guide your nutrition and lifestyle counselling sessions. A simple scale and measuring tape are insufficient to provide an accurate picture of your body composition. Body composition analysis, available through our InBody scanner, offers better data to work with and ultimately produce better results for you. These results coupled with our conversations about your lifestyle and nutrition habits form the basis for our sessions.

Choose the plan right for you.

Get Started

One time nutrition and lifestyle counselling session.


  • 1-hour nutrition coaching session via Zoom

  • InBody Scan results

  • Personalized nutrition strategies based on your body, goals, training plan and life commitments.


3-month nutrition and lifestyle counselling program


1-hour initial counselling session with InBody scan results

  • Personalized nutrition strategies based on your body, goals, training plan and life commitment.

  • Weekly on-line check-in.

  • Monthly 30-min Zoom counselling session.

  • InBody Scan (once a month)

  • Ongoing nutrition and lifestyle counselling

  • Program adjusted as required.


Maintenance counselling


  • One 30-minute nutrition and lifestyle counselling session per month (via Zoom)

  • Monthly InBody scan results

Inbody Body Composition Analysis

Maintenance counselling

We use body composition instead of height and weight (or body mass index) for our assessing the health of our members.

Body composition analysis allows us to track the distribution and change in muscle mass versus body fat on your body. These measures are more strongly correlated to long-term health outcomes and functionality.

The Inbody uses bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), sending a low-grade electrical current through your body to measure your body composition. This provides data on how much muscle mass and fat mass your body has.
This data can then be used to refine any nutrition or exercise program you may be working on.

One of our trained coaches will review your body composition results with you, explain how the results are interpreted, and discuss how you can use this information to support your goals.

A results sheet containing your body composition analysis data will be provided for you to take away for your records.


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