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What Krav Maga Is All About

We are the only Krav Maga school near Boston with real-life self defense training. Our instructors have many years of military, law enforcement and martial arts experience. We have also trained with a wide variety of military personnel and multiple branches for the past 25 years. At Roshankish Krav Maga, not only do we offer effective self-defense training classes, we also practice day-to-day situational scenarios with every student.

We are the only Krav Maga school around Boston that teaches actual Krav Maga/reality base self-defense. We practice situational awareness daily to reinforce training, i.e. hijacking scenarios, active shooter, carjacking, simunition training, personal protection, executive protection, CQC, travel security and more. We are not here to discuss what you should have done after an attack. Our goal is to train you how to avoid the attack. If an attack is unavoidable, we aim to teach you how to SURVIVE.

At Roshankish Krav Maga Boston, we don’t just talk… we train. We educate. We want you to finish the fight, survive, and return home to your family at night.

At Roshankish Krav Maga Boston, we provide real experience and real training. We offer a place to train everyday, 24/7. Krav Maga requires commitment and dedication to learn, and reinforce learning.

If you are serious about safety and survival and would like to learn actual Krav Maga, come and try one of our free self defense classes. We guarantee you will learn to defend yourself.

The question is are you ready for real Krav Maga training?

Benefits of Roshankish Krav MagaImmediately identify attacker weaknesses, then deliver powerful counter attacks.Surprise and stun attackers with unexpected strikes.Master the weapons you need most, your fists, elbows, feet and knees.Escape from chokeholds, headlocks and other restraints with ease.Walk away from armed attacks without injury.Pinpoint an escape route and know when it’s time to run.

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